Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The styled baby bump (week 21,22)

Since I'm at the peak of the pregnancy journey, I feel very good and fabulous about myself.
So here's some styled baby bump on Reynard - Irene engagement and two weeks holiday at Semarang

Monday, June 8, 2015

baby's name hint

Detailed scan (week 20)

Fetal measurement :

Biparietal Dia 49.1 mm
Head Circumference 178.7 mm
Hemisphere 22.7 mm
Anterior Ventricle 7.4 mm
Posterior Ventricle  7.0 mm
Transcerebellar Dia  20.1 mm
Cisterna Magna  7.5 mm
IOD  12.1 mm
Nuchal Fold Thicknes 4.3 mm
Nasal Bone 7.1 mm
Abdominal Circumference  148.4 mm
Femur Length 32.4 mm
Humerus Length  29.8 mm
Fetal Weight  333 g
Genitalia  : Male

Half way to go (week 19,20)

I'm in the peak of pregnancy journey when I feel good about myself, energetic and active
My weight gain has been steadily increased to 4 - 4.5 kg so far
My weight currently is 53 - 53.5kg
week 19

week 20