Friday, June 26, 2009

Update in week 24 day 4

We went to do regular check up yesterday and of course to see our little one.

Unfortunately, he's sleeping and it's so cute, his head and leg were so close hehe..see the above picture.
Perharps his bone and muscle are still flexible therefore he could fold his body well
Baby's weight : 650 g, increase 250 g from 3 weeks ago
My weight : 57.4 kg, increase 700 g from 3 weeks ago
Blood tests result : all normal

Everything so far so good and I still can enjoy my life, eating, sleeping, passing motion
I really proud of my little one...

Good job Boy !!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Stay Healthy - Pretty - Sexy - Week 24

Now I am coming to week 24 and above pic was taken during our friend's wedding on Saturday.
I still could wear the dress that I wore last year ...I guess after this I couldn't wear that dress anymore cos my belly and breast are getting bigger and bigger
Some people still can't recognize that I was pregnant haha...
but I feel good about it as long as I stay healthy, pretty and sexy
My weight gain so far is 6 - 7 kg ( now my weight is around 57 kg)

Oh ya about my little baby boy, now he can hear us and respond as well.
Beside he has regular time of sleeping and wake up...
He usually wakes up at 8am, 4pm, 11pm
When his dad calls him at night, he responds by kicking and punching inside my tummy
We are so happy playing with him everynight
Good Boy !!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Busy Weekend - Full of Activities - Week 23

Now, I've already been at week 23. Indeed, time flies so fast.
I spent last weekend with friends and relatives.

Starting on Friday night, we hanged out with hubby's close friends @ Timbre and listened to live music. Eventhough it's nice ambience, but I found the live music was too loud for me and I could feel that my baby couldn't sleep well...perhaps he danced in my tummy haha...
I didn't drink alcohol therefore I ordered virgin mango margarita and creme brulee

On Saturday, we went to PC Show and managed to get new Sony Handycam for my baby shower and labor delivery...It's crowded but it was okay.
Then we met with my aunt, uncle and cousin @ Bugis - Clarke Quay...
In the evening, we went to visit hubby's friend's mom in Thomson Medical Centre and we also did a little tour and decided to take single bedded room for my delivery hehe...
First, we wanted to choose the four bedded room but we find out that it's not so convinient for us because my hubby won't be able to stay over and this is our first child so it will be a little bit nervous for me to be alone in the hospital

On Sunday, we had our first session of childbirth education course @ Thomson.
There's antenatal exercise and nutrition talks...
Both programmes are just okay and it's not something new for me, but it's good to socialize with other preggies and share the problems together :D
Well, eventhough last weekend was busy weekend but I am happy having some activities...
This coming weekend is another busy weekend haha....looking forward to that...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Just some thoughts

Recently I just have some thoughts after reading few motherhood magazines especially on the sharing story section which told us how some mothers struggle during their pregnancy.

Some struggle when they eager to have a baby naturally but the fate tells different story, they use IVF to have babies...
In their journey, it doesn't seem as smooth as what they expect, either they lost one of the twins or both in different time.

Some have their baby naturally, but the journey is not smooth sailing as well, they have either bleeding, pre-eclampasia, or other complications because of work stress, family problems or even no specific reasons, it's just happen during the pregnancy.

In one side of thinking, I am wondering why God allows this to happen if He already gave the Gift to them, He will take care and never abandon them
Another side of thinking, I am saluted and amazed the moms to be's courage and struggle on their pregnancy. Well, most of the stories end with the happy ending and the babies grow well and happy, despite the struggle that their moms encounter during the pregnancy.
They are really amazing baby....Their parents must be proud of them...

After reading their stories, I feel really blessed with my pregnancy journey.
Eventhough I find it very hard and tough during my early pregnancy, now I can appreciate more especially when I feel my baby movement, there's undescribable joy.
Now all my wants and career are not so important, my thought, my mind are focusing on the baby, what to give the best for him, how to groom him well in terms of the mental and character developments, physical developments.

Besides, I also grateful and full of thanksgiving to God, He has given me wonderful and supportive husband. My life has never better without him.
Everyday, there's a joy and happiness in our small family. Eventhough there's a time that we worry about our financial aspect whether it's enough to raise our child, we believe that God will provide eveything in the right time and in the right place.
And it's happening.....

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wonderful Week 22

Now my pregnancy journey is more than half way
I am very happy and feel blessed for the smooth sailing
Eventhough my bump is still small but I am pretty confident that the baby is doing great inside.
When I went to check up last Friday, I saw other Singaporeans mom to be also had similar bump size as mine, that makes me more confident that I am on the right track.

Besides, the positive side having small bump and big boop is I feel more sexier and not clumsy. I still can wear some of my old tops and save $$$ haha...
In addition to that, our sex life becomes great, I guess my hubby loves it hahaa....

The new development in my body is my skin is more glowing and my face has more acne than before...I guess because of my hormone creates more body oil.
And fatigue starts coming when I am doing long activities for more than 4 hours.
I don't feel false contraction anymore gynea told me to walk slowly...

Still, 18 weeks to go to see my little baby boy ....
Thanks God for this smooth journey and for Your love and care to us :D

Friday, June 5, 2009

Fetal Anatomy Scan - week 21 and 4 days

Today I do the detailed scan and everything turns alright and normal
Below is the detailed report

Biparietal Diameter : 52.4mm
Head Circumference : 189mm
Hemisphere : 22.8mm
Anterior Ventricle : 7.2mm
Posterior Ventricle : 6mm
Transcerebellar Dia : 22.1mm
Cisterna Magna : 5.9mm
Abdominal Circumf. : 161mm
Femur length : 35mm
Humerus length : 33.2mm
Fetal weight : 404 g

Heart action postive, Fetal movement visible, presentation breech
Amniotic Fluid : normal
Cord : 3 vessels
Placenta : Anterior, slightly low
Grannum Grade 0
structure : normal
Genitalia : MALE

Head,brain,orbits,lips,spine,neck and skin, chest, four-chamber view and great vessels, abdominal wall, grastro-intestinal tract, kidneys and bladder, extremities, skeleton were visualised and appear normal

Monday, June 1, 2009

Week 21 snapshots

Sometimes I am wondering where's my xtra kg going...because in a glance, it doesn't look like that I am pregnant hehe...