Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Favorite Song for this week

JESUS IS ALIVE (by Hillsong)
Halleluyah, Jesus is alive
Death has lost its victory
And the grave has been denied
Jesus is forever
He's alive...He's alive
He's the Alpha and omega
The first and last is he
The curse of sin is broken
We have perfect liberty
The Lamb of God is risen
He's alive...
Halleluya, Jesus is alive

Week 16 Fetal development and my physical changes

Now my pregnancy has been in the 16th week.
So far so good, I have more energy to do my activities

Baby length : 11.2 cm
My weight gain : 0.7 kg from last measurement (on 3rd April )
My belly start showing a little bump eventhough when I wear dress or pants, people still unable to see if I am pregnant haha...

Oh ya...this week I'd love listening the Christian songs especially from Hillsong...I hope my baby also like the songs hehe.

I always pray from the beginning before I knew that I was pregnant that my baby will have God's heart and love His creator starting from the womb.
I believe that since beginning, he/she has already a feeling or conscience.

Fetal Development according to the expert

Baby's eyesight and eyelashes develop rapidly, the weight is around 3 to 5 ounces.
His tiny muscles especially the ones in the back are gaining more strength
Those eye are finally working, making small to side movement and perceiving light

Keep it up Baby !

Week 16 snap-shot

Monday, April 27, 2009

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Week 15

This is another bday celebration with my KTM Mate Benedicta. We took some group pictures @ Botanic Garden on Sunday morning and had lunch together @Ayam Penyet Lucky Plaza.

Thank you all for the surprise and love

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fetal Development this week

This is according to the expert 'cos I never feel anything yet =)

The baby is now 4 and a half inches size as big as a big naval orange size.
The baby is also busy with her/his activity which is practising, practising and practising
breathing, sucking, swallowing so when he/she leaves my comfy womb, he/she is ready to survive.
What amazing creature !

Besides, he/she is doing daily aerobic exercise to strengthen his/her muscles such as kicking, curling toes, moving little arms and legs

Good job baby !! Keep it Up !!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Bye - bye First trimester, Welcome Second trimester

yay, finally, I pass the first trimester. So happy !

And I post my baby development and my physical changes for the first trimester.

Many people said that second trimester is like heaven, can feel the pregnancy and humanity hehe eventhough it's time to start gaining weight haha....
For this past few days, I have been experiencing some physical discomfort

1. More vaginal discharge, it's white milky colour, lucky it's not brown discharge anymore
2. Constipation
3. Excessive urination, almost every one hour I need to go to toilet

As my weight, I gain around 0.5 kg. I guess it's still within normal range

And now I'd love to cook soup such as spinach soup, chicken and vegetable soup, crab corn soup, fake shark fin soup, mushroom soup, bistik sapi jawa, bakmoy. It's not greasy and healthy.
oh ya I'd love omelette as well with soya sauce hmm yummy...

Last but not least, I feel more energy and fresh now eventhough I still need a lot of bed rest
It's ok, because I don't really like going out as well.

Enjoying my second trimester with joy and love !

Saturday, April 11, 2009

My 27th B'day on 13wks 5d pregnancy

My Supplements

Some supplements that I need to take during my pregnancy :
1. Folic Acid ( in my first trimester)
2. Duphostan and Utrogestan ( in my first trimester ) to strengthen my pregnancy
3. DHAxtra softgel ( second trimester) this is fish oil softgel
4. Prenavit (second trimester) this is multivitamin supplement for my baby
Honestly, I am not used to eat supplement or medicine. When I was a child, I always took syrup or powder medicine, never tablet or capsules.
So by taking this supplement in tablet and capsule really a challenge for me ....sigh...
To give the best for my baby, I have a courage to take this supplements in a hard way

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

13 weeks

The baby is getting bigger and longer, within 4 days, the baby grows 6mm become 74mm
He/she is very excited and active when the doctor does the scan. Maybe he/she also feeling happy hehe...
We could see the finger already eventhough in the pic is not clear due to baby's fast movement

Monday, April 6, 2009

Simply Gratitude

When I listen to the song "Yang Terbaik Bagiku", I just want to give thanks to God who gave me so many blessings.
He provides everything I need, accompanies me when I was struggling for the first few weeks of my pregnancy through my family and my hubby.

I am really blessed to have supportive and understanding hubby and also my caring family.
When I was in Semarang, I didn't lack anything (nutrition, affection, attention) and had so much energy and courage to face the next 6 months
When I came back to Singapore, eventhough I must do most of the household chores, my hubby helps me in the simple way, I really appreciate that

I believe that His plan is always good for us and with this gift, it will make our happiness complete
As an ordinary woman, I have many limitation in terms of my physics, mental, finance but I believe if God has given us this baby, He will take care everything and make everything perfect

Song for this week


Ya Allahku ku ingin Engkau s'lalu di hatiku
Mengisi hariku untuk selamanya
Ku ingin sealu bersama-Mu

Ya Allahku ku tahu Kau sungguh mengasihiku
tak ingin ku jauh berpaling dari-MU
Ku ingin selalu bersama-MU

Menikmati kasih-MU tinggal di dalam hadirat-MU
Bersekutu dengan-MU seumur hidupku
Kau mengenal hatiku sampai ke dasar jiwaku
Ku ingin s'lalu bersama-MU
hanya Engkau yang terbaik bagiku

Sunday, April 5, 2009

New day Old Activity

I declare today as a "New Day" in Singapore after went back Indonesia for about 1 month
I begin this week with the old activity, cleaning the house...
After leaving for 1 month, my house is very dusty and my nose can't take it, so I have no choice beside cleaning it.
It's very tiring compare with before I got pregnant but there's a satisfaction afterwards.

Then before lunch, I cook spinach soup with sweet corn. It tastes good.
I am very happy since I am able to cook right now and do my usual activity.

Later afternoon I will prepare bakmoy, it's one of my favorite food consists of diced tofu and minced pork
Well, I still can't eat Singaporean food even when I am thinking of it, I want to vomit..sigh...
So it's better for me to cook my own food and it's good for the baby as well

oh ya, I just found out that I still can't drink normal milk because I got diarrhoea after drinking mamil milk. Better I stick with soya bean milk

12 weeks 5 days during OSCAR Test

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Childhood favorite food

When I was in Semarang, I looked for my childhood favorite food that I haven't eaten for long time. I guess it's my craving hehe....

1. Babat gongso
2. Bistik Kambing
3. Tahu gimbal
4. Siomay Bandung
5. Nasi ayam
6. Lontong opor
7. Nasi kuning
8. Mama's Soto ayam
9. Mama's bistik sapi
10. Papa's mie lontong
11. Papa's soun goreng
12. Ayam kalasan + rempela ati
13. Sosis babi kecap
14. Bihun goreng Gang Baru
15. Mama's bakso bihun kuah
16. Tahu bacem
17. Macaroni Schotel
18. Jentik manis, risoles, kroket
19. Soes fla, soes ragout
20. Papa's sambal terasi + timun + cumi / udang rebus
21. Gado - gado
22. Galantin
23. Tahu petis and tahu isi

Top List Indo Songs 2008 - 2009

While I was in Indonesia, I listened Indo songs and loved some.
This is the top 10 Indo song List that I loved

1. Dia milikku - Yovie and the Nuno
2. Terserah - Glenn Fredly
3. Kasih Putih - Glenn Fredly
4. Aku bertahan - Rio Febrian
5. Asmara - Aura Kasih
6. Gelora Asmara - Derby Romero
7. Nuansa Bening - Vidi Aldiano
8. Terlanjur Cinta - Rosa & Pasha
9. Cinta cuma satu - Nindy
10. Terima kasih cinta - Afgan

Back to Singapore - 12 weeks 5 days

Finally, I'm back to Singapore last thursday
And yesterday I did OSCAR test to see if my baby has down syndrome
Everything was okay and my baby was normal, amazingly he/she was very active.
He/she is playing with him/herself, so cute and adorable

The length is 6.88 cm
Nasal bone : visible
Head skull : normal
Abdomen : normal
Hands : both appear
Legs : both appear
Placenta : anterior low lying (no wonder I often get brown discharge if too tired)
Expected Due Date : 12 October 2009

And my weight now is 52.70kg, I gain 1 kg for the first trimester and still in the normal range
My belly hasn't changed yet but I can feel that it will expand soon because sometime I feel uncomfortable with my tummy

My morning sickness is reducing gradually eventhough I still get nausea if I smell something strong like fried or hawker centre food.

Thanks God everything is going well and I am very happy to see my baby is growing and active