Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Week 26 - baby development

We had regular check up yesterday and everything was going pretty well.
The baby has grown up. The weight is 911 g
He's sleeping during the check up

Happy 7th Wedding Anniversary (5 July 2015)

7 years have passed, our marriage has been going strong and steady even though we have ups and downs in our life.
We were blessed with 2 adorable boys and 1 boy coming up in October
We were provided financially by God
We were surrounded with family and friends who always support us
We were blessed with good health

There's nothing more we could ask for then being grateful to God who has lead our family

Week 24 - mom's development

This week is also our 7th wedding anniversary.
My weight gain is around 6 kg
My weight is 55 kg

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Dare to try something new

Well for this pregnancy, I'm eager to try something new that I never do before

1. Photoshoot
I love to take photoshoot in "elegant model" way. I saw many pictures in instagram how to pose like an expecting model

2. Join Mom to be photo contest
Why not ? I joined with Richie for young parents photo contest. Well eventhough we won't win, I feel so satisfied

3. Starting up new business
This business happened accidentaly. My mom in law asked me if I can sell this animal 4D+ flashcards to my friends because it's very new and hasn't entered Singapore market
I did try and sold 10 cards within a day. Then I post in fb and received very good responses
Therefore I decided to join the supermom bazaar held on August 28 - 30 at Suntec
Pray for the best then

week 23 - mom's development

I feel good and the weight gain has been steady.
I gain 5.5 - 6kg so far and craving for sugary food :(
My current weight is now around 54.4 - 55kg
My waist line is 86cm
Next week will start my detox again with healthy salad


Week 23 - baby development

We had regular check up last Friday to see how the baby's going
The weight has increased around 200g from 3 weeks before
Now the baby weight is 590g
And when we saw them on monitor, he faced us and looked like chewing something, he's so cute