Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Dare to try something new

Well for this pregnancy, I'm eager to try something new that I never do before

1. Photoshoot
I love to take photoshoot in "elegant model" way. I saw many pictures in instagram how to pose like an expecting model

2. Join Mom to be photo contest
Why not ? I joined with Richie for young parents photo contest. Well eventhough we won't win, I feel so satisfied

3. Starting up new business
This business happened accidentaly. My mom in law asked me if I can sell this animal 4D+ flashcards to my friends because it's very new and hasn't entered Singapore market
I did try and sold 10 cards within a day. Then I post in fb and received very good responses
Therefore I decided to join the supermom bazaar held on August 28 - 30 at Suntec
Pray for the best then

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