Sunday, May 31, 2009

Week 21 - Mom and Baby Development

Mom Development

I am starting to get stretch marks in my hips..eventhough it's not much yet and since my skin is pretty fair, it's not obvious either :)
I don't gain so much weight yet from the last measurement perhaps only 0.5 kg
So far I gain 5kg from the time before my pregnancy
New development is if I am walking few meters, my lower tummy becomes hard and stiff, my mom said I may get false constraction so I need to take a lot of rests.

Baby Development

So far I feel a lot of movements inside my tummy especially at night and in the morning
even his dad can feel it when he touches my tummy at night...
Perhaps my little boy knows when is the right timing to play with his mom and dad :)
According to the expert, his taste buds developed therefore what I eat, he can taste it through amniotic fluid.
Soon, he can start hearing my voice and his dad's voice...

I am so happy and proud of my little boy, somehow we can communicate each other.
It's really a great bonding between us and I believe that baby has powerful senses than adult since he's still pure and innocent

Monday, May 25, 2009

Another Pregnancy and Baby Guide Book

Visiting time with old friends

These photos are my friends'babies from high school
Both are baby girls...very cute...
I visited them during my short trip to jakarta

Short Gateway - Week 20

Last week I and my hubby went back to Indonesia for short holiday
We went to Lembang with my parents in law for fresh air and enjoy the scenery, I'd love it very much
The feeling and experience are very different from Singapore
We went to Tangkuban Perahu mountain, Ciater Hot Spring and Strawberry farm
I missed those time when I was a kid and my parents used to bring me to mountain or villages

Monday, May 18, 2009's a boy

Yay, finally, it's been revealed. We will be having a baby BOY...
This is what my hubby wishes for...
I double checked with the doctor if it's really a boy not his finger and the doctor confirmed it
When we saw him in the usg monitor, he was playing with his finger perhaps he wants to play flute or trumpet hehe...
The baby weight now is 289 grams
and my weight now is 56 kg, already increased 2.3kg from 3 weeks ago
We are really blessed, thanks GOD

Amazing week 19

Week 19 is amazing week.
I have full energy to do my normal activity even more.
On the weekend, I spent around 9 - 12 hours outside with friends..
What amazing feeling..

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Recognize Baby's movement...

Now I am at week 19 and full of energy to do normal activity and routine.
Some observations that I make during this few days when I feel the baby's movement

1. He/she moves more at night than the day
2. He/she moves when I listen to acapella joyful songs and when his/her dad plays guitar
3. He/she moves to get my attention, when I place my palm to my tummy, he/she stops for awhile...maybe he/she feels more comfort
4. He/she moves in the morning right before or after his/her dad leaves for work...maybe he/she wants to get daddy's kiss hehe...
5. He/she moves when I lay down or take a rest in the afternoon...but when I do my household chores, he/she just keeps quiet...maybe he/she knows when to play with his/her mum haha...

Well, it may not all correct but I believe there's a bonding between us

Pregnancy and Baby Books

Those are the latest books that I bought in Indonesia and Singapore.
1. 9 bulan yang penuh keajaiban
It's in Bahasa Indonesia consists of the information during pregnancy and preparation of childbirth
2. The wonder years
It's about the first steps of the baby as early as he/she is born and also how to practise his/her skills through play and games

Sunday, May 10, 2009

TV Serial @ Nat Geo and Discovery Channel Health and Living

For moms to be, I recommend you to watch these serial TVs below.
It's very enriching and complementing your knowledge when you read the pregnancy books.

1. In the womb, from Nat Geo every Sunday 9.30pm
Every episode has different topic, but yesterday on Mother's day special they shew Baby in the womb and also twin/triplet/quintplet in the womb.
It's amazing to see how God's works in every detail of baby's development and eventhough the baby is still not exposed to outside world. He/she can feel happy, pain, calm and has memory

2. Science of the Babies, from Nat Geo
I guess it's special show during the Mother's Day special because so far I just saw it once yesterday. It's about the first year of baby, his/her development study from the expert

3. Human Stories, from Discovery Channel, (forgot the timing)
Every episode has different topic but it's about human, on Mother's day special they shew Amazing Baby. How the mothers struggle in their special moments of labor without any assistance from Doctor/midwive. They deliver either @ Home alone, in the car, even in the plane and the baby survives

4. Pregnancy for Dummies, from Discovery Channel, (forgot the timing)
It has 3 episodes, I guess because so far I only watched 2 episode, the first and second trimester.
The show is more or less similar with the book but since I prefer visual and audio so I like the show more than the book.
They give the don'ts and dos, tips, myth, fetal development and mom's physical chanages

5. Deliver Me, from Discovery Channel, (forgot the timing)
Every episode shows different mothers and their experience during the labor.
Some have complications and need to do c-section

6. A Baby Story, from Discovery Channel (forgot the timing)
Every episode also shows different mothers and their babies starting from few months before laboring, laboring process and the house situation on the first few days when baby is going back home

7. Birth Day, from Discovery Channel (night time, forgot the exact timing)
The show is more or less similar with Deliver Me

8. Bring Home Baby, from Discovery Channel (forgot the timing)
It's show the first experience for New Dad and Moms when the baby is going back home.

First Feeling of Baby Movement

I am so happy, finally I can feel the baby movement on Friday night.
It happened when I and my hubby watched TV and suddenly I felt something unusual in my lower abdoment. It's quite cute and I told him...Hey..I think our baby just moved hahah
He suddenly placed his hand in my tummy but he can't feel anything yet.

And after that, I feel it again but it's fluttering.
The night after, I also feel this experience and I feel most at night compare at noon.
Maybe at night, I just lie down and it's much more quieter than noon therefore I feel more or the baby is more active at night than noon hehe....

Well, I just feel happy for this experience. Hopefully my baby is always stay healthy and happy

Welldone my child !!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fetal Development Week 18

Eventhough I haven't felt any baby movement yet, this is the fetal development according to the expert.
Hopefully, soon I will feel my baby movement

Fetal Nervous System Development

Baby Length : Five and half inches
Baby weight : 500 ounces ( the weight of boneless chicken for dinner hehe )
Baby Skills : The art of yawn, twists, rolls, kicks, and punches
Baby's nervous systems are maturing now, include the sense of touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight
The little one can hear the sound from inside my body

What amazing life !