Sunday, May 31, 2009

Week 21 - Mom and Baby Development

Mom Development

I am starting to get stretch marks in my hips..eventhough it's not much yet and since my skin is pretty fair, it's not obvious either :)
I don't gain so much weight yet from the last measurement perhaps only 0.5 kg
So far I gain 5kg from the time before my pregnancy
New development is if I am walking few meters, my lower tummy becomes hard and stiff, my mom said I may get false constraction so I need to take a lot of rests.

Baby Development

So far I feel a lot of movements inside my tummy especially at night and in the morning
even his dad can feel it when he touches my tummy at night...
Perhaps my little boy knows when is the right timing to play with his mom and dad :)
According to the expert, his taste buds developed therefore what I eat, he can taste it through amniotic fluid.
Soon, he can start hearing my voice and his dad's voice...

I am so happy and proud of my little boy, somehow we can communicate each other.
It's really a great bonding between us and I believe that baby has powerful senses than adult since he's still pure and innocent

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