Monday, February 23, 2009

Week 7 - 8

This week I feel so much better and have more energy than before.
I seldom vomit and sometimes I feel nausea if I am hungry or very full and smell the hawker food or deep fried ones.
But the rest of it, I still can manage.

Eventhough I haven't gone for gym quite sometimes, I make myself exercising in the morning by cleaning the house and going to shopping malls in the afternoon. Of course I couldn't overdo it because I get tired easily especially after 3 hours activities. And I decrease my social activities especially attending CG because at night I feel tired quite easily.

Praise the Lord, my body comes back to normal again and hopefully my foetus also doing okay.
She or he is also working hard developing his or her vital organs.
As his or her mom, I just do my best to give the best I could for him or her but in the end I give his or her up again to His or Her creator

I am really blessed and thankful having understanding and supportive husband, family and friends who care about me.
I believe God has beautiful plan for us especially in this uncertain times.

Likes and Dislikes

My foetus I carry is so special and changes my habits upside down

Likes :
- Western Food (most) especially Poached Salmon and brocolli Ikea Style
- Thai Food especially seafood salad
- Variation of food
- soya milk or beancurd
- listen music
- floral parfumes especially lavender
- clean house
- watch discovery home & health and discovery science and okto

Dislikes :
- Chinese Food (most of chinese food)
- Japanese Food
- Singaporean Food (laksa, chicken rice, curry, etc)
- sweeten milk
- hawker centre / food court smells and deep fried snacks smells
- all raw meat and vegetables smell or sights
- going to supermarket for shopping groceries
- watch Asian Food Channel

Friday, February 20, 2009

Say Hi to ....

Can you see the tiny ball inside the "black ball" ?
that 's the foetus inside my womb. According to the scan, it's still 6 weeks old and the heart beat is pretty strong :)

Say Hi to him or her :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Favorite Song for this week

by Edward chan
source :
Dalam segala hal
Tak akan terjadi
Tanpa seijin-Mu Tuhan

Walau lewat badai
Dan cobaan berat
ku tahu Tuhan pasti menolongku

S'bab Tuhan punya cara
Yang tak terpikirkan olehku
Tuhan punya jalan
yang tak terpahami akalku
Kuyakin pasti
Rencanamulah terbaik bagiku
Hatiku s'lalu percaya kepada-MU

6 glasses a day, Keep the vomit away

Week 7

This few days I was not feeling so good. I always threw up everything I ate especially the meal.
and yesterday I just ate soya bean and crackers almost the whole day and the worse was in the afternoon I had slight fever, cold and very weak.
When I pee, there's a little bit brown discharge.. I was panic and called the emergency service to contact the doctor.

In the evening, I went to see doctor and we did ultrasound transvaginal cos' we couldn't see the foetus yet from outside.
and amazingly we could see the head and heart beat....I felt relieved...

The doctor suggested to drink 6 glasses of milk if I couldn't eat solid food and gave me some vitamin to strenghthen my pregnancy.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Week 6 - 7

The sign of morning sickness is coming...
I starts feeling nausea, vomitting once in the morning, giddy, dizzy
My skin becomes dry.

For my diet this week, I continue my diet as my pre-pregnancy + milk

Morning Breakfast :
Soya Milk + Banana Nut cereals + Folic acid tablet or
Pregnancy Milk + Banana + Egg tart + Folic acid tablet

Brunch : orange fruit

Lunch : Rice + Spinach soup or brocolli or sauteed vegetable + meat / egg

Tea Time : Kiwi fruit or grape or green beans soup

Dinner : Full meal similar like lunch time

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pregnancy Books

These are the books that I read during my pregnancy times...

1. How to have a baby and still enjoy life
Well, the book style is more like mom - to - be talks. It has western taste

2. Pregnancy and Childbirth
I recommend this book for those who are planning to give birth in Singapore.
This book is written by local doctor and they gave us very comprehensive what to do during pregnancy, labor and after that.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Week 6 - Good News

This week is very critical and leads to surprising and shocking news
Because my period was 5 days overdued and there's no sign that I would get my period
I bought pregnancy test kit and on February 5th morning I tested.

Oh la la...with only 3 drops of urine, the kit shew 2 strips meaning positive within few seconds.

I was happy, excited, joy, fear all mixed feelings.
I called my hubby and told him, like me, he was very surprised and shocked
and we called our parents and told them the good news
I went to see doctor on Friday evening and we did scanning and we can see the balloon inside my womb hehe...We couldn't see the baby because it's so small and the doctor asked to wait another 2 weeks to come back and do the scan again.
I was so excited to see how the little one grows inside mine...
So far my weight is normal : 50 - 51 kg yippiee....

Week 4 - 5

I calculate the week based on my first day of last menstrual period which is week 4
Eventhough the real pregnancy would be only week 1.
We spent together with our family in Indonesia celebrating Chinese New Year

I still haven't got any sign of pregnancy. I tested during that week, and it came up negative

on January 17th, 2009

We remember clearly that we made our little creature on that day, Saturday morning 17th January 2009.
We were happy, excited, afraid, all the mix feeling.
We surrendered to Him, if this is His will to happen.
Let it happen...

This picture is taken during my friend's wedding on that day !

Good Day

This is the day that the Lord has made
This is the day that God bless us to multiply
This is the journal that witness how God creates a human creature
I hope this journal will help those mom- to-be or those who wants to know His amazing works

Happy and Joyful Mom - to - be