Monday, February 23, 2009

Likes and Dislikes

My foetus I carry is so special and changes my habits upside down

Likes :
- Western Food (most) especially Poached Salmon and brocolli Ikea Style
- Thai Food especially seafood salad
- Variation of food
- soya milk or beancurd
- listen music
- floral parfumes especially lavender
- clean house
- watch discovery home & health and discovery science and okto

Dislikes :
- Chinese Food (most of chinese food)
- Japanese Food
- Singaporean Food (laksa, chicken rice, curry, etc)
- sweeten milk
- hawker centre / food court smells and deep fried snacks smells
- all raw meat and vegetables smell or sights
- going to supermarket for shopping groceries
- watch Asian Food Channel

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