Thursday, February 5, 2009

Week 6 - Good News

This week is very critical and leads to surprising and shocking news
Because my period was 5 days overdued and there's no sign that I would get my period
I bought pregnancy test kit and on February 5th morning I tested.

Oh la la...with only 3 drops of urine, the kit shew 2 strips meaning positive within few seconds.

I was happy, excited, joy, fear all mixed feelings.
I called my hubby and told him, like me, he was very surprised and shocked
and we called our parents and told them the good news
I went to see doctor on Friday evening and we did scanning and we can see the balloon inside my womb hehe...We couldn't see the baby because it's so small and the doctor asked to wait another 2 weeks to come back and do the scan again.
I was so excited to see how the little one grows inside mine...
So far my weight is normal : 50 - 51 kg yippiee....

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