Monday, February 23, 2009

Week 7 - 8

This week I feel so much better and have more energy than before.
I seldom vomit and sometimes I feel nausea if I am hungry or very full and smell the hawker food or deep fried ones.
But the rest of it, I still can manage.

Eventhough I haven't gone for gym quite sometimes, I make myself exercising in the morning by cleaning the house and going to shopping malls in the afternoon. Of course I couldn't overdo it because I get tired easily especially after 3 hours activities. And I decrease my social activities especially attending CG because at night I feel tired quite easily.

Praise the Lord, my body comes back to normal again and hopefully my foetus also doing okay.
She or he is also working hard developing his or her vital organs.
As his or her mom, I just do my best to give the best I could for him or her but in the end I give his or her up again to His or Her creator

I am really blessed and thankful having understanding and supportive husband, family and friends who care about me.
I believe God has beautiful plan for us especially in this uncertain times.

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