Thursday, December 20, 2012

My comfort food and drink

Now, I've found the solution for my bloatedness
My comfort food is plain biscuit/crackers, a slice of wholemeal bread and a cup of ginger drink.
Thanks God, the newspaper today elaborate more on morning sickness and nausea and give some tips that I need it.
It's said that we only aim 70% full because our tummy needs time to digest compare pre-pregnancy and eat small portion but often is better than eat large meals less frequently.

The positive side that I've this sign of bloatedness is the pregnancy is going well so far.
It's better that I've this little discomfort than nothing happen that makes me worry

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Week 6 (bloated....)

We went for doctor check up last Friday on Dec 14, unfortunately it's still very tiny therefore the scan unable to detect and the doctor asked us to come back two more weeks which is Dec 28.
As long as there's no pain or bleeding, he said it should be okay.

Finger crossed, hopefully everything is going well.

I've no morning sickness compare with the first pregnancy but it's just bloated and bloated.
I couldn't eat much and couldn't starve myself too.
Biscuit is my best friend
Fortunately my sense of smell is not as sensitive as before, but I have the problem with visual.
I feel sick of food whenever I saw the picture of food or any show about food and cooking.

This week I dine out for lunch and dinner
Hopefully it's just last until first trimester only and everything back to normal again starting from second trimester onward

Monday, December 10, 2012

No morning sickness (week 5)

I found it weird 'cos I didn't feel anything except my sore breast and nipples.
I didn't feel any sign of morning sicknesses or fatigue. Thanks God though I have full energy to take care Richie and do the household chores.
Hopefully everything is going well inside my tummy....

So far I've no any cravings too, I prefer eat healthy food, soya milk, lots of fruits and vegies and less carb and sugar.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Starting Point (Week 4)

Here's mommy's data on week 6

Weight : 49.5 kg
Aim weight gain : 10 - 12 kg

So far so good, there's no morning sickness except the soreness of breast and frequent toilet trip.
I feel happier this time round and have more patience to attend Richie.
Even, I have energy to do my fitness routine, although my trainer warns me not to push myself so hard in the gym hehe...
Sometimes I also wonder whether I'm really pregnant because the symptom is so different with the first one.
But again I believe if this pregnancy is what's meant to be, I'm very grateful if I have no morning sickness and have energy to take care Richie.

Curvy shape at week 6

Flat tummy at week 6

Welcome back to 2nd Pregnancy Journey

After more than 3 years abandoning this blog, it seems that I'm going to write mostly in this blog hehe..
Yeayy..welcome to my 2nd pregnancy journey.
It's another joyful moment for us and of course koko Richie.
He's very excited to hear that he's gonna have a playmate

I've just tested using pregnancy kit that I bought long time ago.
My first test was last Sunday on 2nd December when my period was overdue by 1 day and it's positive
And still not so believe, I tested again today, on 5th December and it's positive sign again.
I've called the Obg, as previously I used Dr. Wong, and the nurse told me to do check up on 21st December instead, so it's clearer during the scanning.

Since it's my 2nd pregnancy, I've more or less known what to do, I've bought folic acid and ate it every morning and drank soya milk.
Hopefully I don't get morning sickness, so far still so good.
I've been eating a lot of vegies and fruits, hopefully I don't gain much weight this time round.

Still preferably going for gym, but perhaps I'll do it next week then.