Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Week 6 (bloated....)

We went for doctor check up last Friday on Dec 14, unfortunately it's still very tiny therefore the scan unable to detect and the doctor asked us to come back two more weeks which is Dec 28.
As long as there's no pain or bleeding, he said it should be okay.

Finger crossed, hopefully everything is going well.

I've no morning sickness compare with the first pregnancy but it's just bloated and bloated.
I couldn't eat much and couldn't starve myself too.
Biscuit is my best friend
Fortunately my sense of smell is not as sensitive as before, but I have the problem with visual.
I feel sick of food whenever I saw the picture of food or any show about food and cooking.

This week I dine out for lunch and dinner
Hopefully it's just last until first trimester only and everything back to normal again starting from second trimester onward

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