Sunday, May 17, 2009

Recognize Baby's movement...

Now I am at week 19 and full of energy to do normal activity and routine.
Some observations that I make during this few days when I feel the baby's movement

1. He/she moves more at night than the day
2. He/she moves when I listen to acapella joyful songs and when his/her dad plays guitar
3. He/she moves to get my attention, when I place my palm to my tummy, he/she stops for awhile...maybe he/she feels more comfort
4. He/she moves in the morning right before or after his/her dad leaves for work...maybe he/she wants to get daddy's kiss hehe...
5. He/she moves when I lay down or take a rest in the afternoon...but when I do my household chores, he/she just keeps quiet...maybe he/she knows when to play with his/her mum haha...

Well, it may not all correct but I believe there's a bonding between us

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