Monday, April 13, 2009

Bye - bye First trimester, Welcome Second trimester

yay, finally, I pass the first trimester. So happy !

And I post my baby development and my physical changes for the first trimester.

Many people said that second trimester is like heaven, can feel the pregnancy and humanity hehe eventhough it's time to start gaining weight haha....
For this past few days, I have been experiencing some physical discomfort

1. More vaginal discharge, it's white milky colour, lucky it's not brown discharge anymore
2. Constipation
3. Excessive urination, almost every one hour I need to go to toilet

As my weight, I gain around 0.5 kg. I guess it's still within normal range

And now I'd love to cook soup such as spinach soup, chicken and vegetable soup, crab corn soup, fake shark fin soup, mushroom soup, bistik sapi jawa, bakmoy. It's not greasy and healthy.
oh ya I'd love omelette as well with soya sauce hmm yummy...

Last but not least, I feel more energy and fresh now eventhough I still need a lot of bed rest
It's ok, because I don't really like going out as well.

Enjoying my second trimester with joy and love !

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