Saturday, April 4, 2009

Back to Singapore - 12 weeks 5 days

Finally, I'm back to Singapore last thursday
And yesterday I did OSCAR test to see if my baby has down syndrome
Everything was okay and my baby was normal, amazingly he/she was very active.
He/she is playing with him/herself, so cute and adorable

The length is 6.88 cm
Nasal bone : visible
Head skull : normal
Abdomen : normal
Hands : both appear
Legs : both appear
Placenta : anterior low lying (no wonder I often get brown discharge if too tired)
Expected Due Date : 12 October 2009

And my weight now is 52.70kg, I gain 1 kg for the first trimester and still in the normal range
My belly hasn't changed yet but I can feel that it will expand soon because sometime I feel uncomfortable with my tummy

My morning sickness is reducing gradually eventhough I still get nausea if I smell something strong like fried or hawker centre food.

Thanks God everything is going well and I am very happy to see my baby is growing and active

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