Monday, April 6, 2009

Simply Gratitude

When I listen to the song "Yang Terbaik Bagiku", I just want to give thanks to God who gave me so many blessings.
He provides everything I need, accompanies me when I was struggling for the first few weeks of my pregnancy through my family and my hubby.

I am really blessed to have supportive and understanding hubby and also my caring family.
When I was in Semarang, I didn't lack anything (nutrition, affection, attention) and had so much energy and courage to face the next 6 months
When I came back to Singapore, eventhough I must do most of the household chores, my hubby helps me in the simple way, I really appreciate that

I believe that His plan is always good for us and with this gift, it will make our happiness complete
As an ordinary woman, I have many limitation in terms of my physics, mental, finance but I believe if God has given us this baby, He will take care everything and make everything perfect


  1. Hi Indah, udah 3 bulan lebih ya? congrats ya....

  2. Hi, yah udah ampir kelar first trimesternya tinggal 1 minggu lagi hehe
    btw ini sapa yah?

  3. ini lena nya vinsen. :)
    blog :