Sunday, April 5, 2009

New day Old Activity

I declare today as a "New Day" in Singapore after went back Indonesia for about 1 month
I begin this week with the old activity, cleaning the house...
After leaving for 1 month, my house is very dusty and my nose can't take it, so I have no choice beside cleaning it.
It's very tiring compare with before I got pregnant but there's a satisfaction afterwards.

Then before lunch, I cook spinach soup with sweet corn. It tastes good.
I am very happy since I am able to cook right now and do my usual activity.

Later afternoon I will prepare bakmoy, it's one of my favorite food consists of diced tofu and minced pork
Well, I still can't eat Singaporean food even when I am thinking of it, I want to vomit..sigh...
So it's better for me to cook my own food and it's good for the baby as well

oh ya, I just found out that I still can't drink normal milk because I got diarrhoea after drinking mamil milk. Better I stick with soya bean milk

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