Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wonderful Week 22

Now my pregnancy journey is more than half way
I am very happy and feel blessed for the smooth sailing
Eventhough my bump is still small but I am pretty confident that the baby is doing great inside.
When I went to check up last Friday, I saw other Singaporeans mom to be also had similar bump size as mine, that makes me more confident that I am on the right track.

Besides, the positive side having small bump and big boop is I feel more sexier and not clumsy. I still can wear some of my old tops and save $$$ haha...
In addition to that, our sex life becomes great, I guess my hubby loves it hahaa....

The new development in my body is my skin is more glowing and my face has more acne than before...I guess because of my hormone creates more body oil.
And fatigue starts coming when I am doing long activities for more than 4 hours.
I don't feel false contraction anymore gynea told me to walk slowly...

Still, 18 weeks to go to see my little baby boy ....
Thanks God for this smooth journey and for Your love and care to us :D

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