Monday, June 8, 2009

Just some thoughts

Recently I just have some thoughts after reading few motherhood magazines especially on the sharing story section which told us how some mothers struggle during their pregnancy.

Some struggle when they eager to have a baby naturally but the fate tells different story, they use IVF to have babies...
In their journey, it doesn't seem as smooth as what they expect, either they lost one of the twins or both in different time.

Some have their baby naturally, but the journey is not smooth sailing as well, they have either bleeding, pre-eclampasia, or other complications because of work stress, family problems or even no specific reasons, it's just happen during the pregnancy.

In one side of thinking, I am wondering why God allows this to happen if He already gave the Gift to them, He will take care and never abandon them
Another side of thinking, I am saluted and amazed the moms to be's courage and struggle on their pregnancy. Well, most of the stories end with the happy ending and the babies grow well and happy, despite the struggle that their moms encounter during the pregnancy.
They are really amazing baby....Their parents must be proud of them...

After reading their stories, I feel really blessed with my pregnancy journey.
Eventhough I find it very hard and tough during my early pregnancy, now I can appreciate more especially when I feel my baby movement, there's undescribable joy.
Now all my wants and career are not so important, my thought, my mind are focusing on the baby, what to give the best for him, how to groom him well in terms of the mental and character developments, physical developments.

Besides, I also grateful and full of thanksgiving to God, He has given me wonderful and supportive husband. My life has never better without him.
Everyday, there's a joy and happiness in our small family. Eventhough there's a time that we worry about our financial aspect whether it's enough to raise our child, we believe that God will provide eveything in the right time and in the right place.
And it's happening.....

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