Friday, September 18, 2009

So near yet So Far

Now, I am in week 36 day 4.
Fetal weight estimation : 2.424 g
Mom's weight : 64 kg
Total weight gain so far : 13 kg
Baby movement : very active
Presentation : Chepalic position (head down)

The doctor said that my baby is small and the water level a little bit lower therefore he suggested me to undergo dropplet test and CTG test
Dropplet test is to check the blood flowing to my baby's brain and womb and also the water level
CTG test is to check the fetal heart beat
Praise God, the results are normal

Because if it's below normal, I must deliver the baby earlier...but now I have peace of mind and let the nature takes course when it's time for my baby to come out.

Well, I believe that everything's gonna be alright and my baby will be delivered perfectly normal and healthy
I am very excited to see and experience the labor process hehe :)

2 or 3 more weeks to go yay....Go Baby Go...!

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