Thursday, May 7, 2015

Welcoming my second trimester - week 16 Baby Development

Yesterday we had regular check up and I had no intention to find out what the baby gender is until the doctor asked us do you want to know the baby gender or wants me to keep it ?
I glanced at my hubby and we said ok we sure wanted to know.
We expected it will be a girl this time round.

When he checked everything looked normal, the weight is 138g and the length is 106.27mm
then suddenly he told us ohh it looked like another boy....
We were shocked and it was pretty fast, I couldn't see the penis yet clearly but there were like two balls which I was not sure whether it was scrotums or bubble

Anyway, we haven't really prepared the boy's name yet too
So we need sometimes to digest the unexpected news....When we went back to the car, hubby told me well maybe God thinks that I'm not a good father to make the daughter as a lady like, and when he told Richie that it may be brother not mei-mei, Richie spontaneously asked where's mei mei.
I know he's a bit disappointed too.

At night, I can't hold my emotional feeling to accept the fact that I may have another boy.
I promised myself that this month is Mother Mary's dedication month and I told myself I will pray novena and rosary until the next check up which is detailed scan when everything more or less confirmed.

I ask Mother Mary if God's willing to give me a chance to have a daughter, I will dedicate this baby to Mother Mary but if God's willing to give me a boy, I pray for courage to accept the reality and love to love him as if I have a daughter...

I really hope God gives me a chance to have a beautiful girl

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