Sunday, August 23, 2015

My beautiful independent boys

I thank God for giving us two beautiful independent boys.
I seldom write about my boys here since this blog is dedicated to my pregnancy journey.
But seeing my younger boy does pretty independently in his young age, I feel touched and have urged to record it here.

Richmond, the older one is almost 6 years old and I would say he's a sensible boy eventhough sometimes he could be mischievous
But I know deep inside his heart, he has a gold heart. He cares so much to people surround him and sometimes too care until gets him paranoid if we or his grandparents are sick.
When he gets too playful in school or tuition and the teacher reports it back to me, he knows that he has done wrong and didn't repeat it again.
He respects his daddy more hahaha...cos his daddy's seldom nagging at him compare with me :P but when he disciplines him means that he's done overboard.
He loves his little brother, Tromson eventhough once he comes back from school or wakes up from afternoon nap, toys fighting is unavoidable. But in his young age, he could help me bathing his brother, brushing his brother teeth before sleep, putting shoes on etc, it shows that he cares so much for his brother

Tromson, the second one just turned 2 on August. He's a quiet type, loves to observe instead of talking and he's pretty clean and neat freak. Perhaps he loves to see what I'm doing, cleaning the house regularly and organizing his toys therefore he thought that's the way it should be
When he sees hair strand or rice fall in the floor, he will pick them up and throw them in the dustbin voluntarily and after he finishes reading his own book or playing toys, he will return back all these in where they should be voluntarily. That's why in his very young age, he's pretty helpful to me.
He can take off his t-shirt and pants by himself before bathing and can put on and off shoes before or after we go.
He also follows the habit for eg before morning shower and night sleep, he needs to brush teeth.
Morning breakfast is milk so he will wait in the kitchen for that.

I feel that my decision not to hire helper is right when I see how these two little boys' behaviour are pretty helpful and hopefully when this third boy was born, I could see they are getting more mature and care to their little brother too

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