Friday, January 4, 2013

Spoting...check up doc (221212)

Just two days away from Christmas, I was spoting early in the morning.
Well, the reason we have sexual intercourse the night before and it's bleeding the next morning.
At first I was surprised and a bit worry cos the blood was like first day of menstruation.
After doing some research in the internet, I found that it's not really alarming as long as there's no stomach pain.

Anyway, I still contacted the doctor and he asked me to come over to check since the last check up he couldn't see anything yet.

Thanks God, when he checked he could see the sign of pregnancy, there's a sac and lil dot inside and it's flickering meaning the heartbeat was there.
I was so relieved and he gave duphaston to strengt
hen my womb.
And no sexual intercourse for the time being hehehe...

And according to the doctor, the foetus size is still week 5 eventhough based on my last mestruation was coming to week 8

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