Sunday, March 1, 2015

Third Pregnancy Journey 2015

It seems that I need to re-visit this blog again hahaha...
Well, here I am with 3rd pregnancy journey. In fact, this pregnancy comes as a surprise, without planning but God's willing

My period was a long cycle after the second one was born. It could stretch until 45 days
So when this was supposed to be last period hasn't come ontime, I was not worry and never thought about pregnancy

Until on Wednesday 25th February, I feel something different in my body
I feel weak, lazy and sleepy. The next morning, I throw up. I thought it's just tired and then I got sore throat so  that may be the culprit

But still, I feel something amiss and start suspecting that I may be with a child.

In the evening, hubby bought test pack and with anxiety I did a test on Friday morning, 27th February and's 2 lines meaning it's positive

I was shock, mixed feeling and my mind was blank.
All the plans that we have for this year and the following years seem all faded.
With this a new member of family means I need to start all over again...

I can't stop asking God why and why ??

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