Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Buying Baby's Stuffs

Yay...my compose mode is back...eventhough still not perfect yet :(

Just few updates
We went back Indonesia 10 days ago to buy baby's stuffs. It's so exciting and we spent close to S$1K. It's worth it though because when we compared the prices in Singapore, we may spend double than what we spent in Indonesia

Well, we still left with some things like baby soap, detergent, pampers etc perhaps spend another S$100
Oh ya when I came back from Indonesia, I almost stucked in Airport because my pregnancy was 7 months. Luckily, my tummy was not so big and the check in counter was so nice and written down in the declaration form that my pregnancy was 6 months.

Praise God, we landed safely in Singapore with 35 kg luggages + 14 kg hand carry bags hehe...

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  1. oalaaah... borong banyak bener, tp excited ya beli2 baby stuff... :)