Thursday, July 9, 2009

Moving - moving and moving

This is the time that I feel his active movements pretty much at my tummy
He starts moving around 6am in the morning and wakes me up hehe...and moving around until about 9 am. Sometimes during lunch time, he also does movement.
Then in the afternoon, he starts moving again from 4 - 6pm. At night he exercises again sometimes as early as 9 pm or as late as 11 pm.

Now, it's still manageble. I still can sleep tightly at night and wake up fresh in the morning
Heard from other people, the movement becomes intense and painful when my pregnancy reaches 8 months onwards
Will see then....

I really enjoy my pregnancy and when I feel his movement, he makes me smile as if he asks me to play with him hehe... During this time, I feel much more happier and like to laugh.
Can't wait to see him in this world...


  1. Argh make me feel...I can't wait to have my own baby too...It seems a great happiness to be able to become a mother. But I think it is not easy to get pregnant...also I am feeling alittle scared...of the process..hehehe (juli)

  2. Hehe..yupp, it's a great feeling eventhough I can't see my baby face to face yet.
    Well, I believe that baby is a gift from God, if He allows it happens, it will happens to you in the right time..
    Don't be scared, though it's not easy in the first trimester, but it's worthy after all...:)