Monday, July 13, 2009

The Last Week of 2nd Trimester - Week 27

My pregnancy is coming to week 27, the last week for 2nd trimester
I gain weight 7.5 - 8 kg so far from the day before my pregnancy (58.5 - 59kg)
I guess it's because I ate a lot over the weekend hehe...2 portions and more from what my hubby ate :P

And I have been walking a lot during my weekend shopping therefore my leg now is a bit swelling....I must take a lot of rest now otherwise my leg becomes elephant leg :p
So far everything going smoothly and my baby inside is moving regularly...but my mood is swinging up and down *sigh* hopefully it's just temporary.

I will be seeing doctor before my trip this coming weekend to make sure that my baby is alright and I am fit for travelling

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