Monday, August 10, 2009

Baby Shower Part 1 (09-08-09)

We invited 15 friends because our house is not so big and only can accomodate around 18 people max..
We began with some words from me and my hubby, then followed with prayer lead by Arie
After that the games and closed with high tea spread and chit chat
Some of the games are :
1. Guess My Tummy (everyone must guess how long is my tummy circle in cm)
2. The Memory Games (everyone memorizes the baby items about 15 items then must write down as much as possible and as right as possible)
3. Pregnant Ladies look a like (the making of "fake pregnant ladies" )
Oh oh...our dearest friends also had a birthday surprise for daddy even I didn't know about the plan hehe...:P

It's really fun and we really had a great time together.
Thanks all for coming and celebrate together with us and also the gifts !

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