Thursday, August 20, 2009

Some updates on Week 32

Now, I am on week 32 day 5 and yesterday we went to see doctor for regular check up.
My baby boy weighs 1.859 kg and my weight was 62 kg. I gained 11 kg in total now
Well done baby ! catching up the weight soon !

Some updates for this week 32 +

I feel more uncomfortable and so hot, may be the weather also contributing
and can't eat too much now, 'cos I am easier to get full and bloated.
At night, I can't sleep well like before and 2 hours sleep tight in the early morning is a treasure for me

The bright side is my baby is moving a lot. Sometimes I can feel his hiccup, his knees/elbows moving around my tummy.
another 1 month to go before I can see his face yayyy !!

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