Monday, August 31, 2009

When time flies so fast and now is already September

Yeahhh, time really flies so fast. I remembered the day when I found out that my test pack was positive then the rough journey of first trimester, followed by heavenly feeling on the the second trimester and came the last trimester.
One more month to go and our life especially mine will be changed differently.
I remembered the quote from Claire Chang (Banyan Tree CEO), she said that
" Marriage enhanced your life because you can do everything with the help of the other but motherhood changed your life for the best. "

With the basketball in my tummy, it's not easy carrying it every where and I started to have some achings
from blocking nose at night, hand stiffness in the morning, and sometimes vertigo in the morning
Well, they are parts of pregnancy so I won't complain so much, I gave thanks to God as long as I feel my baby movement regularly, it's all worth it.

So far everything is going smoothly....I hope it continues until I deliver my little boy..
Now I am in week 34, another 4 weeks to go...
can't wait to see him soon hehe...:)

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